Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET)

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Pure Light Healing –

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is an energy healing system that connects with nine healing Angels of the human energy field. During a healing session, I serve as a channel for the Angels to provide healing to you. The healing is gentle and releases what you are ready to let go of in a session. This can include pain, tension, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and memories that can be held in the body for many years. These can build up in our body and energy field and form blocks to energy flow. These blocks can cause pain, illness, hold you back from receiving good in your life and from making changes in your life that align you with your life’s purpose. Clearing these stored emotions and thought-patterns creates the pathways for personal growth and transformation!


There are several options for sessions. You choose what works best for you!

During any session, it is best to lie or sit back comfortably so that you receive the energies with ease during the session. However, if a person cannot commit to a scheduled time or is otherwise incapacitated or unconscious, a distance session is an ideal choice. If you are busy or it is not the right time for you to receive the energies when I send them, the healing session will stay stored by your Angels and you will receive it when it is the ideal time for your body to receive them.


Integrated Energy Therapy – Distance Session – 60min

This session is done in the comfort of your own home while you lie down or sit back comfortably. After I finish, I email you with any feedback that came up during your session. Energy follows intention so a distance session is just as powerful as in-person.


Bundle Sessions to Receive Savings! 


3 Distance IET Sessions



6 Distance IET Sessions


Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to serve you!! 🙂
Love and light to all!

Question: What happens during an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session?

During an energy healing session, I act as a channel for energy to pass through easily. IET works with nine Healing Angels of the human energy field. The session begins with the client saying what he or she would like to focus on during the session (called an intention), then they lie down and get comfortable. A blanket may be used to keep warm and comfortable during a session. I then pray and connect to the Healing Angels and then the session begins. During the session I focus on each of the nine energy points on the body, or cellular memory areas, and the Healing Angels take away unsupportive energies the client is ready to release and then the Healing Angels replace those energies with positive and supportive energies. Once I have focused on each point, or cellular memory area, I complete the session by grounding the client and doing a final clearing of the energy field. We can then talk about anything the client or I experienced during the session.

The entire session takes about an hour. It is a very light and relaxing process for both the client and myself! Most clients feel very relaxed after a session. Many may even fall asleep during a session!

As with any energy healing, emotions can clear which could trigger a client to feel these emotions. These are emotions that have been blocked or suppressed as the body could not deal with them at the time and now they have been released and are being experienced.

Though experiencing these emotions is possible, many clients find the sessions relaxing and they serve as an aid to stress reduction and supporting the release of blocks.

Please take care to get adequate sleep and drink plenty of water to help your body adjust to the energy clearing.