Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings – Delivered via Email


3 Card Reading – Price $33 – email (1 – 1.5 pgs)

3 Card Reading – Price $33 – email (1 – 1.5 pgs)


***Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of your reading.

5-6 Card Reading – Price $65 – email (approx. 2 pgs)

Angel Card Reading – 5-6 Card – Email Reading (approx. 2 pgs)


***Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of your reading.

In-Depth Romance, Life Purpose or Life Transition Reading

Price $97 – email (approx. 3 pages)

Number of cards used varies between questions. Typically, 6-10 cards will be used.

In-Depth Romance Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pgs)


In-Depth Life Purpose Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pages)


In-Depth Life Transition Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pages)


***Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of your reading.

***Add a 5min Angelic Empowerment session to any of the above for only $11!

Receive 9 empowering energy imprints from the Healing Angels.
This session gives you a boost of Angelic Energy and a taste of what you receive in a full IET session. During a full IET session traumatic imprints or “blocks” are released from the body’s cellular memory areas and then each area is filled with empowering energy.

Angelic Empowerment Session – 5min

Receive 9 empowering energy imprints from the Healing Angels. This session gives you a boost of Angelic Energy and a taste of what you receive in a full IET session.



Integrated Energy Therapy

Read more about Integrated Energy Therapy here: IET-Brochure-v3


1hr IET session – $65 – Distance Session

We schedule a time and you relax in a comfortable position and receive your session without being on video.

Integrated Energy Therapy Session – 60min $65.00 USD



Step into Abundance Now!


Our Angels and Guides are urging us all to step into abundance. To step into abundance, we each need to follow our life purpose. To follow our life purpose, we need to use our feelings as a guide and follow what feels good — what feels light, expansive and joyful — and let go of what doesn’t feel good…what feels stressful, draining and what makes you struggle and feel like you’re not enough.

To follow our life purpose and create a life of abundance, we each need to follow the small voice inside of us, the voice of our heart and soul, instead of the loud voice of our ego, or our inner critic. The ego voice keeps us stuck in a lack world with a lack-based mindset, feeling that we will never have or be enough and that we need to keep working harder, faster and struggling, while we stay stressed in worry, fear and doubt.

Following the voice of our heart and soul leads us on our path to an abundant life, where will experience more freedom, fulfillment, expression, joy and unconditional love. It can be very scary to follow this when you are still in a lack mindset. The lack mindset is so pervasive in our society — with fear-based propaganda in the media, stress at the workplace and many people struggling to get by, let alone having time for self-care and meditation — that even if you do take the leap to start listening to your heart and soul, you may feel resistance all around you, everywhere you turn. Other people may not understand and try to “protect” you by discouraging you from following your heart and soul dreams. They may urge you to stay with them in a lack-based world because they truly don’t believe anything else is possible.

Because of this seeming resistance all around us, it is so important to get support to keep your mindset positive. In addition, when we’ve done something for so long, out of habit or when we have believed something for so long, not realizing there is another way of life, sometimes that belief system can create energy blocks that we find very difficult to release without energy work. You’ll know if you have energy blocks if you notice repetitive patterns in your life, like always dating a certain type of person that doesn’t work out or having the same type of stressful boss. We can shift a lot with recognition of these patterns but energy healing is often a much faster and gentler solution in these cases where it seems like the same type of situation keeps happening, keeping us “stuck.”

It doesn’t have to be as hard as it was for me. I waited until I was completely burnt out with adrenal exhaustion before I left my office job. Then I began my healing journey (and stumbled on my life purpose about a year afterwards.) You don’t have to wait until you’re completely burnt out. You can start making a plan to create your New Abundant Life now!

It is my joy to guide you on your healing journey to your new, more abundant life, filled with more ease, fulfillment, joy and freedom while you release your old life of stress, worry, struggle and feeling “not enough.” You deserve your new abundant life now!

Learn more about working with me here.

Many Blessings!! ❤

Spiritual Journey from Lack to Your New Abundant Life


Learn more about my journey from lack to abundance here.

Many of you are on a spiritual journey right now. Yes, all life is a spiritual journey but this journey is special. It is *massive!* It is what I can explain as a transition from one life to the next, except it is happening during this one lifetime, right now. Your old life is one I’ll call lack and it was full of stress, struggle, worry and constantly feeling like you are not enough. Your new life is one I’ll call abundance and it is full of freedom, fulfillment, joy and unconditional love. (Eight of Raphael card)

The thing is, though, you are right in between the beginning of the unfolding of your new life and the falling away of your old life. You’ve either recently released something or someone that was quite important to you for some time, or you’re getting ready to release this person or situation. It could be a job or an ex-partner, or both! (Release card)

Even though you know, deep down, that this change is what you need, you are still scared. You’re nervous about what lies ahead because you remember the pain and struggle of the past and you don’t want it to repeat again. You feel that if you don’t know exactly what will happen next, that only bad things could happen, and so you feel you better figure out exactly what’s going to happen next so you can be prepared.

Dear One, this feeling of needing to be prepared ahead of time comes from your old life. It comes from fear, fear that comes from a lifetime of not having enough– love, money, time, joy, and fulfillment. Instead you had too much heartache, betrayal, stress, deadlines and to work hard to make sure your most basic needs were met. You learned to distrust – people and the world. You learned the world is dangerous and scary so you learned to question everything and plan for the worst. But with all this, what was forgotten is listening to your heart and trusting your intuition. (Eight of Raphael continued)

Right now, as you’re on the precipice of creating your new life it is so, so important to listen to your heart and listen to your intuition. Think about why you are considering or have left this person or situation you’re letting go of. Grab a notebook and pen and write down the reasons you know that this person or situation is bad for you. Write down the ways they brought stress, pain, struggle, heartache, worry to you and made you feel like you are not good enough. Take some deep breaths and now look at that list the opposite way. For example, if a job brought you stress because the deadlines were too intense and your boss always got angry, flip that around to what you would like instead. Like, a job without high-pressure deadlines and a boss who always remains calm and professional. Take some time to go through your list really tuning into what you didn’t like and replacing it with what you’d like instead. Feel into your heart. What would truly make you feel joyful, expansive, free, fulfilled and loved? (Four of Michael)

Once you have a good idea of what would make you happy, now it’s time to focus your time and energy on that even more.  You have already released something, whether that’s just in your mind or you actually acted upon it. This is great work. Just deciding to release something you know isn’t serving you is a great act of self-love and self-care. So, now it’s time to build upon that action. Look at your routines and see where you are spending most of your time and energy. Does this align with what you really want? Or are these mostly habits you are simply used to? What else can you release that isn’t serving you? Start small in terms of how many habits/people to release but think in terms of what will make the most positive impact. Ask Archangel Metatron to help you focus only on your goals with willpower, determination, focus and strength. (The Chariot)

If you are having trouble deciding which people or situations to release or are afraid to do so, call upon Archangel Michael to guide you and strengthen your resolve. Ask him to clearly show what to release through a message in your dreams if it does not come to you through journaling. Then ask him for the strength to do what you know is best for you.

Finally, and most importantly, the Angels are reminding you in the end, everything will turn out successfully. They want you to trust that you will have the stability and success you crave and deserve. You will be happy, just like the King in this picture! All you need to do is trust this process, trust that you are being guided by your feelings to let go of what no longer serves you so you can replace it with something brand new. Trust that wherever you’ve felt lack and not enough will soon (in the next ~6months) be replaced with abundance. The most important step is to believe in this happy future that you can’t quite see yet. Believe it and follow the steps you are guided to with complete trust and faith. You are being guided to your new life of abundance, where you really want to be and where your dreams will come true. (King of Ariel)

Learn more about my journey from lack to abundance here.

Many Blessings!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Opt-In for Video Series – 5 Steps to Create the Life You Really Want

5 Steps to Create the Life You Really Want

These videos are going to support and propel your forward towards your true desires and your new life. I’ve included guided meditations, affirmations, journaling prompts, and tips for you to get into your heart center to know exactly what you want so you can make decisions and live out of your heart instead of living out of fear. I will also take you through a process to release what no longer serves you or your highest vision and a process to tap into your willpower and determination to manifest your dreams into physical reality!

There will be one video per day:

  1. Release what no longer serves you or your highest vision
  2. Tune into your heart and intuition to know what you *really* want
  3. How to stay positive and believe in your dreams.
  4. How to tap into your willpower – focus and determination
  5. Feel worthy of all your heart’s desires and highest vision


Both my Angel Card Intuitive readings and Integrated Energy Therapy sessions are on special for $45 each! 🙂    Normal price is $65.

Book your reading now through the Contact link or book your IET session at

Are you going through changes in your life?

Do you need to make a decision but feel stuck?

Do you need guidance on a specific problem or situation in your life?

Why not ask your Angels and Guides?

Your Angels and Guides are constantly with you, guiding and supporting you with every breath you take. You are never alone! But sometimes it can feel like we’re alone as we feel we can’t hear them. That’s where getting an Angel Card Intuitive reading can help you.

  1. Getting an Angel Card Intuitive reading allows you to get an objective perspective.

When we are conflicted about a decision or situation, it’s often because we are attached to the people/situations involved or the feelings they bring about to us. Since, as a reader, I am not attached to your situation or relationships, I am objective. There are no pulls to certain options for me because I am detached from your situation. Being detached is the best way to gain clarity and see the truth.

  1. Getting an Angel Card Intuitive reading allows you to gain insight as to the best course of action for you.

As a reader, I tune into your Angels and Guides who are aware of your situation. As mentioned above, our Angels and Guides are always with us and guiding us. In fact, before we were born we created a mission for our life here on Earth and our Angels and Guides are aware of that mission and that is a main reason why they guide us. The only thing that separates us from knowing their support is our attachment to our five human senses. Relying on these too much can block us from receiving guidance that is in our best interests and is aligned with our soul mission.

I am a clear channel for Angels to communicate through me. I have always had this gift, though I did not begin to realize it until my mid-twenties. Archangels Gabriel and Raphael have always been with me and so I get messages from them often. I’ve also had multiple attunements which connect me even more to the Angels as an Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner (an energy healing modality structured around 9 Healing Angels.)

Because I am both detached from your situation and because I am so strongly connected to the Angels, I can share with you messages from them that are for your highest and best as well as the highest and best of all involved. During both my readings and my Energy Therapy sessions, I only connect to the highest available beings of light.

My Angel Card Intuitive readings and energy therapy sessions are normally $65. But for a limited time I am offering them for only $45 each.

Please use the Contact form to ask your question or describe your situation, if interested in a reading or energy therapy session.

If requesting a reading, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is received please allow 1-3 days to receive your reading via email.

Book an IET session here.

I will send you a PayPal invoice and after payment is received we will meet at our scheduled time over video. If you do not want to meet on video for your session, please specify this.

Pure Light Guidance

Pure Light Guidance –

This reading is a combination of an Angel and Oracle Card Reading and Intuitive Channeled Messages from your Angels and Guides, your team of Pure Light.

Ask a question on any subject you choose. I will connect to the highest available beings of light who are watching over you and have knowledge to help you live in your highest and best purpose. They will give me channeled messages regarding your situation and I will use the cards to supplement your reading.

$101 Full Price for a 60min video reading

Angelic Connection Session – 60min video session



Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you!
Love and light to all!

Integrated Energy Therapy

Question: What happens during an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session?

During an energy healing session, I act as a channel for energy to pass through easily. IET works with nine Healing Angels of the human energy field. The session begins with the client saying what he or she would like to focus on during the session (called an intention), then they lie down and get comfortable. A blanket may be used to keep warm and comfortable during a session. I then pray and connect to the Healing Angels and then the session begins. During the session I focus on each of the nine energy points on the body, or cellular memory areas, and the Healing Angels take away unsupportive energies the client is ready to release and then the Healing Angels replace those energies with positive and supportive energies. Once I have focused on each point, or cellular memory area, I complete the session by grounding the client and doing a final clearing of the energy field. We can then talk about anything the client or I experienced during the session.

The entire session takes about an hour. It is a very light and relaxing process for both the client and myself! Most clients feel very relaxed after a session. Many may even fall asleep during a session!

As with any energy healing, emotions can clear which could trigger a client to feel these emotions. These are emotions that have been blocked or suppressed as the body could not deal with them at the time and now they have been released and are being experienced.

Though experiencing these emotions is possible, many clients find the sessions relaxing and they serve as an aid to stress reduction and supporting the release of blocks.

Please take care to get adequate sleep and drink plenty of water to help your body adjust to the energy clearing.
*** Healing sessions are given remotely through Skype or phone. ***

You Have a Choice

How to stop people-pleasing and know what you want when someone asks you a question.

I noticed recently after setting boundaries that when I was asked a question and there was a pause, I was mindful of my thoughts. I noticed I looked at others around me and they looked at me too. I knew the person asking the question wanted everyone to agree with her right away. But I also knew I didn’t want to agree. She gazed at us, waiting expectantly, with a gleam in her eye. I noticed the other person glance at me before answering her and I felt a signal that he was waiting for me to speak first. So, I answered based on what I thought, which was, “No, we agreed we were doing something else.”

Reflecting on that incident, I realized that previously, I did not think I had a choice when others asked me a question. I always assumed I had to agree to what others wanted me to do or else I’d have to ‘face the consequences.’ Now that I have freed myself, I see that I have a choice when others ask me a question. I can say what I want and it’s OK. It’s actually more than OK. Speaking your truth is perfectly healthy and essential for self-care and creating authentic relationships with others.

Here are some steps to follow when someone asks you to make a decision.

A Practice in Mindfulness – Observe Your Thoughts and See What They Tell You

  1. Look away from others.
  2. Stop tuning into what is expected or what others want you to say. Notice those thoughts, but label them for what they are and let them keep passing by.
  3. Turn inwards to yourself. (Breathe.)
  4. Notice the impulses your body is sending you or the flashes of thoughts you hear.
  5. A ‘yes’ would feel very comfortable or even exciting. It might feel safe or natural. You wouldn’t have to think about a ‘yes’ or take time to consider it, unless there was an obstacle in your way.
  6. If you are considering it and there is no obstacle, you most likely don’t want to say yes to the other person. Maybe you just aren’t interested. Maybe you’d rather do something else. You don’t have to explain yourself to them but it’s good to know for yourself what your reasons are.
  7. Sometimes, it’s as simple as you’re not a vibrational match with the person. Maybe you just don’t have much in common with him/her. That’s OK too.

Now it’s up to you to speak your truth or do what others expect of you. Speaking your truth when it’s not what others want to hear can feel scary or maybe even wrong at first. Trust that your wants and needs matter too. And know that your voice is the only one who can speak your true wants and needs. You’re not responsible for others, only yourself. Try this once and see how free you feel afterwards.

If you haven’t been speaking your truth for a long time and then you start to again, you may suddenly feel powerful. Before when you felt you had to give into everyone else you may have felt weak or maybe even like you were a prisoner or a slave. Once you realize you have a choice, you’ll begin to feel empowered and free.

Depending on the event, if you can’t decide, it is best to say “No” and then if you change your mind later you can let the other person know at that time. Otherwise, if you are like me, you often say “Yes” and then have to cancel with what seems to the host/organizer as little notice. I notice people may get upset with those who cancel, but they’re less likely to get upset with those who can suddenly make the event, even if it is literally last minute. You may notice something else with your friends, but this is something I’ve recently consistently observed in others. So, don’t feel compelled to say “Yes” right away. Make sure you really want to and can commit before answering “Yes.”

This method is best for people who always say yes and then are scrambling to try to meet every obligation and forget to fit in time for themselves each day. Remember that your health is a priority. You need proper time for rest, recharging and rewards that are fun. Life isn’t always about duty. Our purpose is to experience and embody joy as much as we can and to do that we need to prioritize our self-care, rest, and fun!