Both my Angel Card Intuitive readings and Integrated Energy Therapy sessions are on special for $45 each! 🙂    Normal price is $65.

Book your reading now through the Contact link or book your IET session at https://calendly.com/purelighthealing/60min

Are you going through changes in your life?

Do you need to make a decision but feel stuck?

Do you need guidance on a specific problem or situation in your life?

Why not ask your Angels and Guides?

Your Angels and Guides are constantly with you, guiding and supporting you with every breath you take. You are never alone! But sometimes it can feel like we’re alone as we feel we can’t hear them. That’s where getting an Angel Card Intuitive reading can help you.

  1. Getting an Angel Card Intuitive reading allows you to get an objective perspective.

When we are conflicted about a decision or situation, it’s often because we are attached to the people/situations involved or the feelings they bring about to us. Since, as a reader, I am not attached to your situation or relationships, I am objective. There are no pulls to certain options for me because I am detached from your situation. Being detached is the best way to gain clarity and see the truth.

  1. Getting an Angel Card Intuitive reading allows you to gain insight as to the best course of action for you.

As a reader, I tune into your Angels and Guides who are aware of your situation. As mentioned above, our Angels and Guides are always with us and guiding us. In fact, before we were born we created a mission for our life here on Earth and our Angels and Guides are aware of that mission and that is a main reason why they guide us. The only thing that separates us from knowing their support is our attachment to our five human senses. Relying on these too much can block us from receiving guidance that is in our best interests and is aligned with our soul mission.

I am a clear channel for Angels to communicate through me. I have always had this gift, though I did not begin to realize it until my mid-twenties. Archangels Gabriel and Raphael have always been with me and so I get messages from them often. I’ve also had multiple attunements which connect me even more to the Angels as an Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner (an energy healing modality structured around 9 Healing Angels.)

Because I am both detached from your situation and because I am so strongly connected to the Angels, I can share with you messages from them that are for your highest and best as well as the highest and best of all involved. During both my readings and my Energy Therapy sessions, I only connect to the highest available beings of light.

My Angel Card Intuitive readings and energy therapy sessions are normally $65. But for a limited time I am offering them for only $45 each.

Please use the Contact form to ask your question or describe your situation, if interested in a reading or energy therapy session.

If requesting a reading, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is received please allow 1-3 days to receive your reading via email.

Book an IET session here. https://calendly.com/purelighthealing/60min/

I will send you a PayPal invoice and after payment is received we will meet at our scheduled time over video. If you do not want to meet on video for your session, please specify this.

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