Self-Love Mindset Group Program

It’s Time to Shift Your Mindset to Self-Love!

Are you trying to manifest something in your life but feel like you are coming up against a wall?

Maybe you are craving more loving relationships, higher income, more fulfilling work or just overall less stress and more time to relax, be creative and have fun.

If you’ve been working on any of these goals, trying every which way you can think of but are still coming up short, do you want to know why it hasn’t happened yet? Wouldn’t you love to know what is blocking you so you can move past it and finally get what you want?

Two main things can be blocking you.

  1. Your mindset – what you feel, think and believe.
  2. Energetic blocks – cords, attachments, vows.


Unconditional Love – What is it?

Your mindset is so important to helping you reach your goals and manifest your desires because you must feel completely worthy and love yourself fully to receive what you want. To do this, you need to shift your mindset more towards unconditional love of yourself and less towards judgment, fear and feelings of unworthiness.

In order to understand unconditional love, let’s look at what’s more familiar to us as it’s so common in our society – conditional love.

Conditional love is given when certain conditions are met, such as behavior, beliefs or habits.

Unconditional love continually flows and is given regardless of conditions such as behavior, beliefs or habits.


Why does it matter how much we love ourselves?


How we treat ourselves matters!

If you’re always comparing yourself to others, feel that you are not good enough and/or feel unworthy, this can become a block to your desires. Judging yourself, being critical of yourself, not believing in yourself and not trusting yourself are all forms of negative reinforcement. They emphasis the negative, or a fear based way of looking at life.

What do you think negativity and fear does to your manifesting work? The truth is negativity and fear can lower your chances of success. Positivity and love must overpower negativity and fear.

Notice that I say positivity and love must overpower negativity and fear.

Negativity and fear will still be around on the planet. It can enter our minds. As sensitive beings, we can absorb negativity and fear-based thoughts from others and our surroundings. So, the key is to be continually aware of it and release negativity and fear-based thoughts whenever they come up. This is a practice. The practice is learning to focus our mind and belief patterns towards a positive and self-loving mindset.


Human Nature versus Source and Beings of Pure Light

As humans we often vacillate between love and judgment. Most of us have a hard time being purely loving to everyone all of the time, and even the most loving of us are often times less than loving to ourselves.

It is in our nature to have this judgmental aspect to ourselves. In fact, this analytical side of ourselves is paramount to our survival and evolution on this planet. It is a natural part of being human.

Because of that, it takes much focus, patience and dedication to release less than loving habits, attitudes and beliefs and shift your mindset from self-criticism and distrust to self-love and trust.

You might think, “I love myself unconditionally.”

But have you ever been hard on yourself for something you did or didn’t do? Have you ever judged yourself or compared yourself to others?

Most likely, your answer is, “Yes!” And that is OK. Like I mentioned, this is just a part of being human. But the more you judge yourself, criticize yourself, and compare yourself to others, the less likely you are to get what you want. You might get certain things or be able to reach certain goals, but you’ll still feel unhappy or stressed and this is because your mindset and beliefs are actually hurting you.

Unloving thoughts and beliefs hurt because they are not true.

What is true?

Unconditional love.

This is not experienced so much on the physical Earthly realm, but our souls remember it because it is what we came from.

God/Source is unconditionally loving. Angels and beings of pure light are unconditionally loving. Animals can be unconditionally loving more easily than humans because they are not as naturally analytical as we are.

In my experience, Angels have been paramount to helping me shift my mindset to become more self-loving. Angels are the perfect go between God/Source and humans. They are our messengers, healers and guides. They watch over us and are there immediately when we call and ask for their help. They are unlimited by a body and do not have egos or analytical logic. So, they can help many people at once and they are never judgmental, critical or distrusting. They only know love as they are made up of pure love and light. Humans are also made of pure love and light but we also have physical bodies, an ego and an analytical mind which can muddy our connection to the pure love and light within us. Some even forget completely that they are made up of pure love and light.

But I know you believe there is more to us than physical bodies, egos and an analytical mind. I know you believe in your soul connection to the Divine and your divine light within. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. Because you haven’t denied this part of yourself completely, there is so much hope for you to be able to shift your mindset more towards unconditional love. First you must be here and second you must be open to receiving help in order to get there. If you want this help, I am here to guide you. As an Angelic Channel, I offer a bridge between the Angelic realm and our human environment. The Angels have channeled to me a program especially designed to shift your mindset to self-love.

The Self-Love Mindset Group Program

The Self-Love Mindset Group Program is an intensive, yet gentle, three month long program that helps you look at your thought patterns, reflect on them and actively shift them through journaling, energy clearing techniques, group healing sessions, meditations and affirmations, all channeled by myself from the Angels. This program was created to help you to shift your mindset to become more self-loving so that you can get more of what you want.



What are Some of the Results You Can Achieve from this Program?:

  • Uncover your true feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, values, beliefs, and desires;
  • Heal thought-patterns that aren’t serving you,
  • Release and heal energetic blocks, cords and attachments;
  • Trust and believe in yourself more,
  • Increase and strengthen your intuitive abilities,
  • Conserve and rebuild your energy,
  • Build your self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance,
  • Increase your ability to surrender and receive in all ways, including support, love, and appreciation from others;
  • Feel loved and supported by the Angels.


What Does the Program Include?:

  • Guided Meditations – twice monthly
  • Group Healing sessions – twice monthly
  • Weekly Journal Prompts and Exercises – Journaling should be done ~5 days a week and there will be weekly themes and exercises.
  • Weekly Affirmations – Affirmations should be practiced ~5 days a week and there will be weekly themes.
  • My Personal Grounding Technique
  • My energy clearing practice
  • Private Facebook Group for accountability and support


How Much Does It Cost?

Because this program is brand new, I am offering a very low price for a limited time!

And the first 5 who sign up get a free session with me!

Dates: program begins Wednesday, April 2nd and runs through June 29th with our first session on 4/4!

Full Price: $444

Limited Time Price: $222

The Self-Love Mindset Group Program



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