Pure Light Guidance –

This reading is a combination of Intuitive Channeled Messages from your team of beings of Pure Light and an Angel Card Reading.

Ask a question on any subject you choose. I will connect to the highest available beings of light who are watching over you and have knowledge to help you live in your highest and best purpose. These beings of light include your Guides, the Angels and the Ascended Masters. They will give me channeled messages regarding your situation and I will use the cards to supplement your reading.

$65 Full Price for a Full reading


Pure Light Healing –

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is an energy healing system that connects with nine healing Archangels of the human energy field. During a healing session, I serve as a channel for the Archangels to provide healing to you. The healing is gentle and releases what you are ready to let go of in a session. This can include pain, tension, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and memories that can be held in the body for many years. These can build up in our body and energy field and form blocks to energy flow. These blocks can hold you back from making changes in your life that align you with your life’s purpose. Clearing these stored emotions and thought-patterns creates the pathways for personal growth and transformation!

$65 Full Price for a single session




If you are interested in receiving this healing, please Contact me and we can schedule a time.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to serve you!! 🙂
Love and light to all!


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