5 Tips to Keep a Positive Mindset and Get What You Want

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We’ve all heard it before. Keep your thoughts positive so you can experience what you desire. Everyone recommends it, but how do you maintain a positive mindset?

Here’s the problem. You’re working hard towards your goals, but still feel stressed, stuck and unhappy. Whether you want a new job, real love or just a life with less stress, your deep desires are most likely peace, ease and freedom. If so, maintaining a positive mindset will help you achieve your deep desires.

Here are my 5 self-loving tips for how empaths and highly-sensitives can maintain a positive mindset.


1. Develop Trust.

Trust on two levels.

The first level is trusting that the Universe, Source/God, and your Angels and Guides are all conspiring to support you to achieve your desires. When we truly trust our spiritual team we feel safe and secure and we can relax and go with the flow because we know we do not have to do it all on our own.

The second level is trusting yourself. This means trusting that you know what’s best for you and trusting that your intuition is leading you to a path of fulfillment and happiness. Oftentimes, we get intuitive ideas and inspirations that sound truly great but we don’t follow through because we don’t trust them. We fear that if we follow them we will be disappointed. Sometimes this is because in the past we tried something we thought we would like that didn’t work out the way we expected. Or it could have to do with cultural belief systems and societal norms — if our idea is seen as normal and acceptable by those around us. If our idea isn’t seen as “normal” we worry that it will flop, just like we imagine everyone would expect it to.

Trusting yourself and your intuition is so important. We all have a unique purpose that’s why we are each unique. So, getting an idea that no one else has is a good thing. Just because it’s unique doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It may be part of our individual purpose. We are meant to implement our ideas, or at least to bring them forward, without fear. That is the only way to bring about change and solutions. So, trust those seemingly weird ideas you may have. They just might help others if you follow them!


2. Feel Worthy.

This is huge. We have to feel worthy of our desires for them to manifest. Plain and simple. If we don’t feel worthy of something, even if we get it, we often will sabotage it out of insecurity.

Take time to notice how you view yourself and how open you are to receiving good things effortlessly. Do you feel uncomfortable imagining that you’re receiving good things without struggling for them? Realizing how you value yourself and what you feel worthy and deserving of is so important so that you can build up your self-worth so that you can achieve your dreams and desires.


3. Feel Empowered.

This has to do with believing in yourself and being able to rely on yourself. Do you believe that you’re capable of following through on your desires and inspiration? This isn’t so much about trusting yourself to follow through. It’s about believing you are capable of doing something all on your own that has never been done before. Even if it’s small, if you don’t know anyone else who has done the thing you wish, you wonder if you are truly capable.

If you don’t believe that you can do something, you either won’t even try to do it or you will sabotage your own efforts by letting your feelings of powerlessness overcome you. For instance, you’ll attempt to put effort in doing a project, but your fears and disbelief in your own abilities will cause you to miss important aspects. If you had complete faith in yourself, felt confident and capable in your abilities, you would approach the project calmly and with a clear mind so that you would most easily see the best way to tackle it. Fears, feeling powerless and disbelief in our own abilities can cloud our minds. They can make us act much differently than if we were confident and felt empowered and capable.


4. Daily Energy Clearing

A daily energy clearing practice can be something very simple that you do each morning as a guided meditation or by yourself as an exercise that you follow. It’s literally just imagining that your energy field is completely cleared of anything that doesn’t serve you and that it’s filled back up with pure source light so you have no impurities in you. Negativity, worry, anxiety, anger, other people’s energy, things that you might have absorbed from stressful environments or situations that you have been in, all of that, just clear it out.

Clearing your energy daily helps you create a positive mindset because you’re releasing all those fears, anxieties, feelings of unworthiness, disempowerment and disbelief in yourself. You can release all of that by clearing your energy regularly.

As you release these energies, emotions  and unsupportive belief systems, you’ll feel more freedom because there will no longer be energies, thoughts or emotions working against you. Daily energy clearing helps you get back into trust, flow, feeling worthy, capable and empowered.


5. Daily Grounding

Grounding helps us to focus our energy. Grounding yourself and grounding your energy daily is so important. It’s so important to focus our energy on what we want and desire as well as focus all of our energy back into our body so that we can use all of our energy to create our desires. With our energy focused, we can create it into physical form as opposed to our ideas just staying in the mind and staying in the imagination. Grounding helps us actually take action on all of our desires. It also helps us feel more supported so we trust and feel more worthy, and the focused energy helps us feel more empowered and capable.


I’d love to hear from you. Do you have any daily mindset practices? Do you clear your energy and ground daily? If not, are you going to start a practice?

Why You Need to Love Yourself

It’s Time to Love Yourself Fully.

Last November I hit a financial challenge and I asked my friends and family for help. Not long after, my laptop broke and I went to the ER for severe abdominal pain and discovered I had two health conditions.

In the span of one month, my world crumbled and I was forced to see how not taking care of myself and prioritizing myself contributed to that all happening.

In 2014 I made a conscious choice to reflect on my past abusive relationships and heal what was inside me that allowed others to abuse me. I learned so much since then and I’m so happy and blessed to say I’ve successfully broken that pattern.

Because it changed my life so positively, I wanted to share all I learned with others. But instead of trusting that I knew exactly what to do, just like I had trusted myself in 2014 to quit a corporate job and go no contact with an ex, I felt like I needed to learn business, marketing, website creation and sales from others. And while I have learned so much and am grateful for that, the truth is that I was still giving my power away and looking to others to tell me what to do because I didn’t trust myself to expand all on my own.

Last November, as a result of that breaking point, I was forced to slow down and tune into myself again, just like I did in 2014 which began and propelled my healing journey. Slowing down, listening to and taking care of myself has helped me to heal and rebuild since November. I have literally noticed a difference in my health and energy and I am so grateful. Since I’ve been focusing on myself and loving myself, I’ve also regained trust and faith in myself. Now I am in alignment again.

What I’ve learned from all this is that it all comes back to self-love. Healing and rebuilding after any crisis all begins with a decision to love yourself and that might mean letting go of something stressful or unhealthy so that you can give yourself what you need–or even find what you need–if you’ve always been focused on others and forgot what you need. But it always means prioritizing and listening to yourself. That is the essence of building and strengthening self-love and healing yourself.

As I always say, feeling the unconditional love of the Angels changed my life and amplified my healing journey. It was truly a new way to see the world. But ultimately, what began and what continues my healing, expansion, growth, happiness, fulfillment and ability to give to others is cultivating and growing the love I have for myself. It’s listening to myself, nurturing myself, taking care of myself, prioritizing myself, accepting myself and putting myself first instead of others so that I do not become drained or taken advantage of. It’s being conscious of where and with whom I give my energy, time and attention to.

Many of you are also highly-sensitive and/or empaths and know what I mean about not prioritizing yourself and giving so much that you become drained and even sick. In order to avoid all that is to cultivate self-love and self-care…to become a priority in your own life.

If you want to begin or amplify your self-love healing journey, I am here for you. I’m opening up a brand new program, called the Self-Love Mindset. In it, I will teach you all that I have learned on how to listen to your thoughts, accept them and then reprogram them in order to love yourself. This program will have weekly journaling prompts, many questions so that you can reflect and uncover your true feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, values, beliefs, and desires. There will be videos to show you my daily energy healing and grounding practices. There will also be weekly Affirmations channeled by the Angels to build your self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance. In addition, there will be guided meditations I create with the Angels and twice monthly group Healing with the Angels events. All of this will be contained in a private Facebook group so that you can study and reflect at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, as well as, keep a certain level of anonymity, if you choose. You will only need to share what you wish but I highly encourage participation and sharing as I know the strength and value of support groups.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m teaching regarding journaling and reprogramming your mind. I created this entire process myself and practiced it for a year. Then I sought out therapy from a well-respected therapist who specializes in trauma recovery. She told me that I was the most advanced of all her clients, just because I chose to do the work on my mindset all on my own. She often asked me for tips on what I was doing to heal and took book recommendations from me. When I decided to leave I knew it was because I was giving her more than she was giving me. I was teaching her instead of the other way around.

The energy healing component helped, to be fair, but the mindset work was first and foremost. Our mindset and thoughts create our reality so it is really important to recognize them so that you can shift unsupportive thoughts and beliefs. Shifting your mindset can shift your energy and thus, your reality will shift.

I have worked and studied a lot with trauma and recovery and know that reprogramming your thoughts with just talk-therapy can take years and it is a lot of work, as well as can be quite uncomfortable.

Doing the journaling work for myself as well as adding in the component of Healing with the Angels was the key for me. I know it works and it is faster than anything else. And with the help of the Angels, I will take you through a gentle process, unlike what I had when I first started. I not only will teach you what I did to heal my mindset and create self-love, but I will teach you better, so that you heal with support and in a gentler way than I did, as I was alone at first.

This program relies heavily on your ability to do the work of listening to your thoughts, journaling and then consciously reprogramming your thoughts through Affirmation work. It is geared for those who are ready to learn their true wants and needs, who want to heal thought-patterns that aren’t serving them, who want to be able to trust themselves and who want to learn how to conserve and rebuild their energy.

Make a commitment to loving yourself in your thoughts, actions, and habits and see what is possible to bring into your life. See how what seemed impossible before–now, almost miraculously–enters your life. Join now if you truly want to heal your mindset and create more self-love so that you can attract your desires to yourself.

Remember to keep loving yourself, everyday. It is a practice.

Free Yourself from Abusive Men!

Free Yourself from Abusive Men!

Do you always attract the wrong guy?

Have you been in abusive or controlling relationships?

Do your partners often take advantage of you?

As highly-sensitive over-givers, it’s not surprising we attract people who take advantage of us. We care so much and want to help others and make them happy. We see their potential and believe in them. We’re scared of conflict so we try to please them. We think if we can just make them happy, things will go back to how they were in the beginning — when they seemed to want to make us happy, or at least they seemed to care how we felt.
We think if we appease them, we’ll finally have peace and instead of living a stressful rollercoaster, not knowing when he’ll snap again, life will become easy, simple and pleasant. But no matter how hard we try, no matter what we do, they’re never happy. We’ve never done it quite right for them. There’s always some way we can improve and they are more than happy to tell us exactly what that is.
An emotionally mature, responsible man would realize that his happiness is his own responsibility to create. But abusive and controlling men are not emotionally mature or responsible. Deep down they feel they’ve lost their power. But instead of realizing they can get in back in a healthy way, they choose an unhealthy way, by bullying, controlling and abusing a woman who loves them.
They see your caretaking, your endless patience and forgiveness as weakness. They take advantage of your kindness because it makes them feel loved and special. They think the more they can get out of you, without giving you anything back, the more powerful they are. In some way, they felt they gave their power away, likely in some heartache, and so they can no longer open up to a woman. They can only use and take advantage of her as it’s a way they can get back what is “owed to them” and feel in control instead of vulnerable.
This isn’t love. A person in love would appreciate your efforts. What it is is a toxic entanglement. He is getting something from you and by you continuing to give it to him, he now expects it from you. It’s a transaction, where he keeps getting what he wants — your time, attention, effort and nurturing nature. And in exchange you never get what you truly want — the love, appreciation and support you crave and a life that is peaceful and filled with ease.

Do You Want To:

  • Become free of the men who hurt you by releasing their energy?
  • Get the energy and power you’ve given away to these men back?
  • Love yourself and affirm your worth so you will no longer be attracted to or stay with this type of man?
  • Learn your needs and what’s blocking you from receiving them?
  • Get a clear action plan so that you can begin to get your needs met?
  • Get support and guidance on how to implement this action plan and how you can continue healing?

This package includes all of the above. You Get:

  • An hour long distance healing session with me and the Angels.
  • A comprehensive Angel and Oracle Card reading on what your needs are, what is blocking you from receiving your needs, plus action steps to get your needs met. This is sent via PDF.
  • A 60min video session with me to go over your reading and your action plan. This is your time to ask questions and gain support.

Plus Two Bonuses!

  • A ritual to release cords and attachment to men that hurt you – digital recording with instructions you can use over and over, for each abusive person you may be attached to.
  • Self-love and self-worth guided meditation and affirmations – digital recording you can use as often as you like.


If you truly want to break free of this pattern, there is no better time than the present to begin healing and changing your life.


Free Yourself from Abusive Men!

One hour distant healing session with me and the Angels. Comprehensive Angel and Oracle Card Reading to discover your needs, what’s blocking them and an action plan to receive them. One hour video session with me to go over your plan and gain support. Two digital download Bonuses: Release ritual and self-love and self-worth guided meditation.



Want to Fully Heal?


In my individualized, self-love healing packages, you get all of the above plus more healing sessions and support so you can heal the trauma and pain of the abuse, release unsupportive belief systems and feel worthy of all your desires!
In this program, you will release and heal:
  • The pain and trauma of the abuse.
  • The unsupportive belief systems you may have absorbed from these men, as well as from others throughout your lifetime.
  • Childhood traumas.
  • The addiction to and expectation of a stress-filled life.


You’ll learn to:

  • Trust yourself.
  • Tune into and trust your intuition.
  • Identify your true feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, values, beliefs and desires.
  • Begin to set boundaries and say no.
  • Release guilt, obligation and responsibility for abusive people.
  • Make decisions with confidence.


You’ll feel:

  • Free to do what you want to do and follow your own path.
  • Capable and that your desires are achievable.
  • Supported.
  • Empowered.
  • Worthy of true love and care from an emotionally available man.


You’ll open to new possibilities:

  • Begin to create and experience ease and peace.
  • Open up to the possibilities of receiving all your desires.
  • Open up to greater self-love than ever before.
Express interest here.


Self-Love Healing Packages

Infuse Your Life with Self-Love!

When was the last time you did something completely for yourself?


Do you want to feel loved, nurtured and completely supported?

When was the last time you felt pampered and spoiled? 

If you’re thinking, “it’s been way too long” or even, “never”, it is time for some tender loving care. You deserve it! As a woman you work hard caring for others and worrying about their needs. But if you forget about yourself you have less to give!
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m offering a very special package, just for you, so you can feel loved, supported and nurtured by the Angels, Mermaids and Fairies.
The Angels are unconditionally loving and want to support us in loving and caring for ourselves so that we can receive more love and joy in our daily lives. The Fairies help us have fun and manifest our material needs and the Mermaids help us with our emotions and following our intuition and ideas.
Angelic Connection Session

What You Get:

  • An hour long distance healing session with me and the Angels. This is a relaxing session and will help you feel calm and rejuvenated with the gentle yet powerful energies of the Angels. We will be supporting you in loving yourself more and more each day.
  • An Angel and Oracle Card reading on how you can love yourself more in your day to day life, what might be blocking you from doing so and how you can change that. Gentle and loving guidance from the Angels, Mermaids and Fairies who want to help you receive more good in your life. This reading is sent via PDF.
  • Personalized Affirmations to increase your Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Love. I will create these for you based on your reading so that they will best support you!


Cost: $155

Now on sale for $97 for a limited time!

Infuse Your Life with Self-Love!

1 distance healing session, 1 Angel and Oracle Card Reading and personalized affirmations for self-love, self-worth, self-acceptance and self-esteem.


Healing from Abusive Relationships

Free Yourself from Abusive Men!


Get Your Energy & Power Back!

Have the holidays left you feeling drained?
Do you find it hard to say no and end up overextending yourself until you become exhausted and resentful?
Do you wish you could let go of guilt and people-pleasing behaviors?

Wouldn’t it be great to be completely in control of all of your energy and personal power?

If you are frequently in patterns of overgiving until you are completely drained and want to break out of this cycle, join me for 6 weeks where I will tune into exactly what is keeping you stuck in these patterns so that we can work together to change them.

We develop unhealthy patterns of over-giving for many reasons but often there is an attachment to an unhealthy relationship or to unsupportive beliefs that were formed in our past.

I help you release these unsupportive attachments and belief systems.

I support you in making healthy changes to your relationships and lifestyle by helping you release responsibility for others
so that you can feel good about taking care of your needs instead of feeling guilty, and so that you can stop-overgiving, stop draining yourself and stop feeling resentful. You’ll get your energy back instead of giving it to others. And by owning your energy, you’ll get your personal power back, becoming empowered to say no, guilt-free!



In this package you will:

  • Release attachments and cords to unhealthy behaviors and relationships.
  • Reclaim your energy and personal power.
  • ​Let go of guilt and overgiving.
  • Become free to let go and say no.
  • Begin prioritizing taking care of yourself first.

Get Your Energy & Power Back!

6 one hour sessions - Pay-in-Full Price


Get Your Energy & Power Back!

Payment Plan – 2 payments of $444 This is the first payment. Second payment will be due after third session.



Request a Free Get to Know You Session!

Or start with one reading and intuitive coaching session.

Single Session


Program Details:

The program is split up into intuitive reading and coaching sessions and distant healing sessions.

In the intuitive reading and coaching sessions, we look at why these patterns of over-giving and becoming drained have formed in your life and how you can change these patterns. We’ll discover together what is blocking you from receiving more good in your life. This could be anything from unhealthy relationship patterns formed while you were young or even in past lives. It may be belief systems, or cords or attachments to these unhealthy habits, beliefs and relationships. If you are already aware of unhealthy relationships you may be in, then I will provide guidance on how you can begin shifting those relationships.

I use Angel and Oracle cards combined with my intuition to receive messages from your personal Angels and Guides as well as my own. I work together with both of our Angels and Guides as a team for your highest good.

Then I provide intuitive coaching to support you in making changes so you can reach your goals. As we continue our work together, these sessions are to follow up on the plan we identified in the first session and to give you more support in implementing the changes you desire.

In the distant healing sessions, I use Integrated Energy Therapy, which is a system channeled by Angel Ariel where 9 Healing Angels come together to bring healing to the human energy field. The main purpose is to gently release traumatic memories stored in the body’s cellular memory so that you can feel freer and more empowered to follow your life purpose and live an abundant and fulfilling life. These energy healing sessions will be used to begin releasing the blocks identified including belief systems, and cords or attachments which keep us stuck in these unhealthy habits, beliefs and relationships. These Healing Angels also want to help us to release people-pleasing and to trust ourselves first and foremost.

***Please note, that the best results from any energy healing system require consistency. After one session, you may feel a significant difference, if that is what you are ready for and is for your highest good. But often, with deeper patterns and issues, it is best to receive sessions continuously over a period of time to see the best results.

More About How I Work

I work directly with 9 healing Angels as well as many other Angels, including your personal Angels and your Guides. During our sessions I always ask for your highest and best good and your highest and best healing. With that goal in mind, the Angels, your Guides and I work together for your highest and best good.

Being an Angelic Channel means that I allow the energies and messages from the Angels to flow through me. I am a natural Angelic channel and I have also taken multiple certifications to open me up more and clarify my channeling abilities. I channel pure light directly from Source and this is how all of my healing and messages of guidance come out through me from spirit.

Get Your Energy & Power Back!

6 one hour sessions - Pay-in-Full Price


Get Your Energy & Power Back!

Payment Plan – 2 payments of $444 This is the first payment. Second payment will be due after third session.


Request a Free Get to Know You Session!

Are Your Relationships Balanced?

Welcome to 2018!
I hope you were able to take time to enjoy the holidays and catch up on much needed rest. Can you feel the expansive energy of the New Year? Have you clarified your intentions for 2018?
If you’re curious or unsure if your relationships are balanced, please read on and decide for yourself.
Relationship balance. It’s not something that we’re often taught growing up. Usually, we’re taught to be nice and giving with others. We’re taught to share and to not be selfish.
These are wonderful traits and qualities to cultivate. It’s wonderful to be giving. But do you know what’s even more wonderful?
When everyone gets what they need…an equal exchange.
Think of a really good friend. Someone who truly cares for you and who you care for the same way. You listen to each other, you share your secrets and dreams with each other, you trust each other, you support each other through difficulties, you encourage each other to go for your dreams, and you love and respect each other.
Let’s say one day you two have plans to eat dinner and watch a movie together. You each would rather eat someplace different and you each would rather watch a differemt movie than the other. What happens? Your friend says, “I know you love that restaurant. Let’s eat there.” And then you say, “I know how much you want to see that movie. Let’s see that one.” You both smile and agree happily.
You don’t really want to see that movie and she doesn’t really care for that restaurant. You both think they’re just, “OK.”
But, you both were really happy and smiling that night. You were excited to eat your favorite dish and your friend was happy to be with you seeing you that happy. And your friend was so excited to see the movie, she couldn’t stop smiling. And you were happy to see your friend happy. You both enjoyed laughing and talking happily throughout the meal.
What else? Not only were you both really happy, but you were both kinder to each each other that night. You both were able to give more and enjoy more because you each received more.
Of course, you each could have gone alone to the movie and restaurant of your choice. But you both decided that sharing the joy and satisfaction of knowing your friend is happy too is more important and more fulfilling than simply getting what you want all the time, or sacrificing to make someone else happy all the time.
This is a healthy relationship — an equal relationship — the ideal relationship we all crave. It might seem like “too perfect” of an example, especially if you’re used to unhealthy, toxic, or abusive exchanges, but what this story shows is an example of an equal exchange in a relationship. In the story, you both got something out of the night and so you both wanted and were able to give more.
Now, with that in mind, think about your current close relationships. How many can you say are truly balanced and healthy? How many would you say are imbalanced or unhealthy? Overall, do you think you give more or take more? Do you have any toxic (manipulative, abusive, or controlling relationships?)
I’ve created a free anonymous survey for you to take to let me get an idea of what you’d like help with in your relationships. At the end, if you are interested in working with me, you can (optionally) add your name and contact information for a free clarity call to determine if we’d be a good fit to work together. You can also leave this section blank if you just want to submit the survey anonymously. I’d still love to learn more about you! Take the survey here –

Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings – Delivered via Email


3 Card Reading – Price $33 – email (1 – 1.5 pgs)

3 Card Reading – Price $33 – email (1 – 1.5 pgs)


***Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of your reading.

5-6 Card Reading – Price $65 – email (approx. 2 pgs)

Angel Card Reading – 5-6 Card – Email Reading (approx. 2 pgs)


***Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of your reading.

In-Depth Romance, Life Purpose or Life Transition Reading

Price $97 – Email Reading PDF (approx. 3-4 pages)

Number of cards used varies between questions. Typically, 6-10 cards will be used.


In-Depth Romance Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3-4 pages)

Outlines your needs and desires in a romantic relationship, the needs and desires of your love interest, the intentions of your love interest in regards to his/her relationship with you and analyzes if and how easily you each can be satisfied in relationship together.

In-Depth Romance Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pgs)




In-Depth Life Purpose Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3-4 pages)

In-Depth Life Purpose Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pages)



In-Depth Life Transition Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pages)

Using the Traditional Celtic Cross Spread and Angel Tarot Cards, this reading shows where you have come from and where you are going as well as any potential blocks and support in your path. It reveal

In-Depth Life Transition Reading – Email Reading (approx. 3 pages)


***Please allow 2-3 days for delivery of your reading.

***Add a 5min Angelic Empowerment session to any of the above for only $11!

Receive 9 empowering energy imprints from the Healing Angels.
This session gives you a boost of Angelic Energy and a taste of what you receive in a full IET session. During a full IET session traumatic imprints or “blocks” are released from the body’s cellular memory areas and then each area is filled with empowering energy.

Angelic Empowerment Session – 5min

Receive 9 empowering energy imprints from the Healing Angels. This session gives you a boost of Angelic Energy and a taste of what you receive in a full IET session.



Integrated Energy Therapy

Read more about Integrated Energy Therapy here: IET-Brochure-v3


1hr IET session – $101 – Distance Session

We schedule a time and you relax in a comfortable position and receive your session without being on video.

Integrated Energy Therapy Session – 30min – $65 USD

Distance healing session focusing on the 2-3 areas you identify that you want to see change in. Affirmations are included as a bonus. Use them to help you realize your goals.



Step into Abundance Now!


Our Angels and Guides are urging us all to step into abundance. To step into abundance, we each need to follow our life purpose. To follow our life purpose, we need to use our feelings as a guide and follow what feels good — what feels light, expansive and joyful — and let go of what doesn’t feel good…what feels stressful, draining and what makes you struggle and feel like you’re not enough.

To follow our life purpose and create a life of abundance, we each need to follow the small voice inside of us, the voice of our heart and soul, instead of the loud voice of our ego, or our inner critic. The ego voice keeps us stuck in a lack world with a lack-based mindset, feeling that we will never have or be enough and that we need to keep working harder, faster and struggling, while we stay stressed in worry, fear and doubt.

Following the voice of our heart and soul leads us on our path to an abundant life, where will experience more freedom, fulfillment, expression, joy and unconditional love. It can be very scary to follow this when you are still in a lack mindset. The lack mindset is so pervasive in our society — with fear-based propaganda in the media, stress at the workplace and many people struggling to get by, let alone having time for self-care and meditation — that even if you do take the leap to start listening to your heart and soul, you may feel resistance all around you, everywhere you turn. Other people may not understand and try to “protect” you by discouraging you from following your heart and soul dreams. They may urge you to stay with them in a lack-based world because they truly don’t believe anything else is possible.

Because of this seeming resistance all around us, it is so important to get support to keep your mindset positive. In addition, when we’ve done something for so long, out of habit or when we have believed something for so long, not realizing there is another way of life, sometimes that belief system can create energy blocks that we find very difficult to release without energy work. You’ll know if you have energy blocks if you notice repetitive patterns in your life, like always dating a certain type of person that doesn’t work out or having the same type of stressful boss. We can shift a lot with recognition of these patterns but energy healing is often a much faster and gentler solution in these cases where it seems like the same type of situation keeps happening, keeping us “stuck.”

It doesn’t have to be as hard as it was for me. I waited until I was completely burnt out with adrenal exhaustion before I left my office job. Then I began my healing journey (and stumbled on my life purpose about a year afterwards.) You don’t have to wait until you’re completely burnt out. You can start making a plan to create your New Abundant Life now!

It is my joy to guide you on your healing journey to your new, more abundant life, filled with more ease, fulfillment, joy and freedom while you release your old life of stress, worry, struggle and feeling “not enough.” You deserve your new abundant life now!

Learn more about working with me here.

Many Blessings!! ❤

Spiritual Journey from Lack to Your New Abundant Life


Learn more about my journey from lack to abundance here.

Many of you are on a spiritual journey right now. Yes, all life is a spiritual journey but this journey is special. It is *massive!* It is what I can explain as a transition from one life to the next, except it is happening during this one lifetime, right now. Your old life is one I’ll call lack and it was full of stress, struggle, worry and constantly feeling like you are not enough. Your new life is one I’ll call abundance and it is full of freedom, fulfillment, joy and unconditional love. (Eight of Raphael card)

The thing is, though, you are right in between the beginning of the unfolding of your new life and the falling away of your old life. You’ve either recently released something or someone that was quite important to you for some time, or you’re getting ready to release this person or situation. It could be a job or an ex-partner, or both! (Release card)

Even though you know, deep down, that this change is what you need, you are still scared. You’re nervous about what lies ahead because you remember the pain and struggle of the past and you don’t want it to repeat again. You feel that if you don’t know exactly what will happen next, that only bad things could happen, and so you feel you better figure out exactly what’s going to happen next so you can be prepared.

Dear One, this feeling of needing to be prepared ahead of time comes from your old life. It comes from fear, fear that comes from a lifetime of not having enough– love, money, time, joy, and fulfillment. Instead you had too much heartache, betrayal, stress, deadlines and to work hard to make sure your most basic needs were met. You learned to distrust – people and the world. You learned the world is dangerous and scary so you learned to question everything and plan for the worst. But with all this, what was forgotten is listening to your heart and trusting your intuition. (Eight of Raphael continued)

Right now, as you’re on the precipice of creating your new life it is so, so important to listen to your heart and listen to your intuition. Think about why you are considering or have left this person or situation you’re letting go of. Grab a notebook and pen and write down the reasons you know that this person or situation is bad for you. Write down the ways they brought stress, pain, struggle, heartache, worry to you and made you feel like you are not good enough. Take some deep breaths and now look at that list the opposite way. For example, if a job brought you stress because the deadlines were too intense and your boss always got angry, flip that around to what you would like instead. Like, a job without high-pressure deadlines and a boss who always remains calm and professional. Take some time to go through your list really tuning into what you didn’t like and replacing it with what you’d like instead. Feel into your heart. What would truly make you feel joyful, expansive, free, fulfilled and loved? (Four of Michael)

Once you have a good idea of what would make you happy, now it’s time to focus your time and energy on that even more.  You have already released something, whether that’s just in your mind or you actually acted upon it. This is great work. Just deciding to release something you know isn’t serving you is a great act of self-love and self-care. So, now it’s time to build upon that action. Look at your routines and see where you are spending most of your time and energy. Does this align with what you really want? Or are these mostly habits you are simply used to? What else can you release that isn’t serving you? Start small in terms of how many habits/people to release but think in terms of what will make the most positive impact. Ask Archangel Metatron to help you focus only on your goals with willpower, determination, focus and strength. (The Chariot)

If you are having trouble deciding which people or situations to release or are afraid to do so, call upon Archangel Michael to guide you and strengthen your resolve. Ask him to clearly show what to release through a message in your dreams if it does not come to you through journaling. Then ask him for the strength to do what you know is best for you.

Finally, and most importantly, the Angels are reminding you in the end, everything will turn out successfully. They want you to trust that you will have the stability and success you crave and deserve. You will be happy, just like the King in this picture! All you need to do is trust this process, trust that you are being guided by your feelings to let go of what no longer serves you so you can replace it with something brand new. Trust that wherever you’ve felt lack and not enough will soon (in the next ~6months) be replaced with abundance. The most important step is to believe in this happy future that you can’t quite see yet. Believe it and follow the steps you are guided to with complete trust and faith. You are being guided to your new life of abundance, where you really want to be and where your dreams will come true. (King of Ariel)

Learn more about my journey from lack to abundance here.

Many Blessings!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Opt-In for Video Series – 5 Steps to Create the Life You Really Want


5 Steps to Create the Life You Really Want

These videos are going to support and propel your forward towards your true desires and your new life. I’ve included guided meditations, affirmations, journaling prompts, and tips for you to get into your heart center to know exactly what you want so you can make decisions and live out of your heart instead of living out of fear. I will also take you through a process to release what no longer serves you or your highest vision and a process to tap into your willpower and determination to manifest your dreams into physical reality!

There will be one video per day:

  1. Release what no longer serves you or your highest vision
  2. Tune into your heart and intuition to know what you *really* want
  3. How to stay positive and believe in your dreams.
  4. How to tap into your willpower – focus and determination
  5. Feel worthy of all your heart’s desires and highest vision